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History and Manufacturing of Traditional Faucets

Manufacturing History


The Traditionaltap.co.uk range draws from over 150 years manufacturing experience to bring you a collaboration of collections that allow classical harmony to flow seamlessly throughout your kitchen and bathroom designs. Each product within has been carefully crafted in Birmingham England by Renaissance using similar methods since 1861 to ensure art and technology have been fused, creating contemporary classics that stimulate a soothing vision.

Many design themes can be achieved when integrating the distinct features our range of products harbour. Ranging from French Provincial, Classic, Modern Traditional to Contemporary Classic, each look perfectly captures the essence of design required to create a modern day sanctuary to sooth and revitalise within.

Resonated within the shower, faucet, and kitchen collections are whispers of design evolutions that have been subtly incorporated to ensure all Renaissance products are at the forefront of manufacturing design. Thermostatic safety is housed within the shower collection, ceramic disc technology within kitchen and faucet collections.

All products bearing the Renaissance name have been carefully designed, manufactured and quality controlled to guarantee the product is delivered in perfect working order. Every Renaissances product is hand checked and accompanied by a certificate of worth that underpins every team member’s commitment to quality, it is this attention to detail at every level that allows concepts to flow freely from scratch board to environment.

By looking to the past for inspiration we have developed a range for your future aspirations.


Plating Information

Our Faucet and Shower collections are available in a range of plated finishes to suit your needs. Electroplated by one of Australia's award winning metallurgists, our finishes are of the highest quality in the country using select materials plated to 500 microns, double the industry standard. Our finish options are Chrome, European Gold, Nickel and English Pewter.


Ceramic Disc Technology

Ceramic disc technology is incorporated into the Renaissance Ceramique shower system and all taps within the faucet collection. The technology eliminates the need for washers within taps and overcomes problems associated with worn washers such as dripping taps.

The discs control the water flow in two ways, firstly by sealing the hot/cold water inlet when the faucet is in the off position, secondly by gliding sideways when the tap is turned on, to create a controlled water inlet, thus allowing water to flow.
The continuous gliding action of the discs act to remove calcification deposits as soon as they establish a presence, this self cleaning action elongates the lifespan of your faucet/shower and ensures long term functionality.

For further information on Ceramic Discs or Thermostatic Showers and Tempering valves please contact our sales team on 0121 352 0341



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